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Made in UK

Thermal Performance

Building Regulation Compliance

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Mardome Reflex Polycarbonate Dome Rooflights

The Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light is a triple skin polycarbonate rooflight designed for flat roofs. This low rise dome was specifically designed to provide a flood of natural light onto modern buildings, and features flexible fixing positions to make installation easier on renovation projects. With its incredible strength – up to 200x stronger than glass – this Marlon FSX Longlife Polycarbonate glazed product provides outstanding protection against weather conditions and breakage. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners looking for an efficient, durable roofing solution. Thanks to the Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light, you can enjoy all the benefits of natural light without sacrificing safety or durability. Make your renovation project one that lasts with the Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light.

In addition to its strength and resilience, the Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light is also incredibly energy-efficient. Thanks to its triple skin construction, it helps keep your home insulated, preventing heat loss in colder months and reflecting solar radiation away from the building during warmer times of year. This helps you save money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Plus, its natural light design means that you can rely less on electric lights during daylight hours, reducing your electricity bills even further. When you choose the Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light for your flat roof renovation project, you’re choosing an efficient solution that will pay off in more ways than one!

The Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light is a great choice for any renovation project. Its strength, resilience, and energy efficiency make it the perfect solution for homeowners who want a roofing option that will last. With this durable triple skin polycarbonate product, you can enjoy all of the advantages of natural light without sacrificing safety or durability. Get the Mardome Reflex Perspex Roof Light today and make your renovation project one that lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the different tints affect light passing through the dome?

Clear tinting will enable from 78% of light (triple skin) to 85% of light (double skin) to pass through and enter the house. Our textured finish provides a high degree of privacy and allows between 72% of light (triple skin) and 78% of light (double skin) to pass through. Our Solar Control bronze finish will allow from 36% of light (triple skin) to 39% of light (double skin) to pass through. And our Diffused Light & Solar Control Opal tint will allow from 32% of light (triple skin) to 35% of light (double skin) to pass through.

Will I need planning permission to install Mardome Reflex Polycarbonate Dome Rooflights?

Typically planning permission only enters the picture if the rooflight you install protrudes noticeably above the established roof line of your home or business. However, since Mardome Reflex Polycarbonate Dome Rooflights sit very low against the roof it is possible you will not need planning permission. But don’t assume anything, ask your local authority. In addition, if your home or business is a listed building or if it’s located in a designated conservation area you will probably need planning permission.

How do I obtain planning permission?

Obtaining planning permission is a pretty straightforward process, although it’s not free. Here’s how it’s done in most cases:

  • Obtain a planning permission form from your local authority.
  • Fill it out and pay the £60 application fee.
  • Submit the application along with your plans for installing the rooflights.
  • If the local authority requests additional documentation, supply it to them without delay.
  • Wait 6 - 8 weeks to hear whether you’ve been approved or not.

Will you install the dome rooflights?

We are not able to offer an installation service at this time. However, each one of the dome rooflights we sell is delivered with comprehensive installation instructions. These should be more than sufficient to guide you or your contractor through every phase of the installation process. If you should lose the instructions that came with the rooflight simply call and we’ll send you a copy.

Do Reflex Polycarbonate Dome Rooflights come with a warranty?

Of course. We sell only the highest quality rooflights and stand behind them with a generous warranty so you don’t have to worry. If you would like to learn more about these polycarbonate rooflights, or you would like more information about our warranty, contact our customer service department on 020 4538 3079. 

Fitting and Measurements

The product data sheet and instructions for installation in PDF form to download can be found at the foot of this page.

Please read the following installation instructions first.

This item has been designed to fit to a kerb. Bespoke fitting can be achieved with the 70mm or 100mm wide fixing undrilled flange which is included.

A builders upstand is required for the Mardome Reflex Dome to be fitted directly. The external dimensions of your upstand (complete with finished roofing material) should match the unit ordered. For example, if your upstand measures 1200mm x 1200mm you should order a unit measuring 1200mm x 1200mm.

There is a small margin for error automatically built into the unit. This enables uneven material on the roofing or minor variations on the kerb to be accommodated. Please see the diagram below for illustration.

Acceptable margin:

70mm flange option = dome size +18/-60mm
100mm flange option = dome size +18/-120mm

If you order a 900 x 900mm from our available selection of sizes, this should be the same size as the external measurements of your upstand width, as illustrated above. The built-in margin means that, for example, if you order the 70mm flange, it will fit any kerb measuring 840mm to 918mm.

Fitting Video Guide


Glazing Details:

Glazing type thermal efficiency: refer to Centre Pane U-Value

In order to comply with Part L Building Regulations, a minimum U-value of 2.2w/m2K is required. In addition, triple skin rooflights (minimum) are recommended by the manufacturer in every installation.


A modern and sleek appearance is created with the choice of either a pyramid or low rise dome external shape.


The light transmission qualities of the Reflex polycarbonate rooflight are displayed in the table below:

The qualities each type of tint offers is as follows:

Clear: High Visibility

  • Optimal light transmission
  • Improved visibility throughout the dome
  • Enhanced transparency

Opal: Solar Reduction and Diffused Light

  • Combines maximum generation of diffused light with privacy
  • Reduces solar heat gain and blocks solar glare
  • Minimises visibility through dome

Patterned: Enhanced Privacy

  • Enhances transmission of light while protecting privacy
  • Minimises visibility through dome

Bronze: Solar Reduction

  • Minimises heat gain and solar glare
  • Delivers lower light transmission

A 10-year warranty is provided.


Production for this item with a 70mm flange is usually 2-3 days provided it is ordered in one of the sizes listed below:

  • 450 × 450
  • 600 x 600
  • 750 × 750
  • 900 × 600
  • 900 × 750
  • 900 × 900
  • 1050 × 600
  • 1050 × 750
  • 1050 × 1050
  • 1200 × 600
  • 1200 × 900
  • 1200 × 1200
  • 1350 × 1050
  • 1350 × 1350
  • 1500 × 1050
  • 1500 × 1500
  • 1800 × 900
  • 1800 × 1200
  • 1800 × 1800

If the item is ordered with a 100mm flange, the production time will be extended to 7 working days.

Any sizes other than those listed above will be subject to capacity, but typically 3-7 working days.

Please ensure that on delivery there is a suitable person present who is able to unload the items from the lorry. The driver will be unable to assist in any way or deliver the items inside. This is due to insurance purposes.

Any equipment or installation arrangements should be made once the item has been successfully delivered.


TB201 Datasheet Mardome Reflex and Circular products
TB185 Mardome Reflex or Circular Installation