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Roof Lantern Brett Martin

Roof Lanterns by Brett Martin is an elegant double-glazed glass rooflight, with the added benefit of a laminated inner glass as standard for the safety of those below. This is one of the few Roof Lanterns on the market with this safety feature. The roof lantern is fully thermally broken and powder coated aluminium frame. It is quick and easy to install on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural light, and is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

Design Features

  • Stylish glass roof lantern with slender aluminium frame offering clean sight lines
  • Designed for speedy installation with no silicone required other than to seal between roof and rooflight
  • One of the very few roof lanterns offering safety as standard thanks to a laminated inner glass pane protecting those below from falling glass in the event of accidental breakage
  • Highly thermally efficient with Low-E double glazing offering an overall U value as low as 1.7W/m2K
  • 10 year warranty as standard
  • Choice of clear self-clean or blue solar-control self-clean glass - Special glass options also available
  • 4 panes or 6 panes of glass options available
  • Aluminium frame powder coated to RAL 7016 externally and RAL 9010 internally
  • Designed for simple mounting direct to a weathered builder’s upstand
  • The double glazed glass panel is made up of: 4mm toughened outer, a 90% argon filled cavity, with a 6.8mm laminated soft coat Low E inner (including PVB interlayer).

Fitting and Measurements

The PDF installation guide can be found on the download tab on this page.

The size you select to order should match the final dimensions of your external upstand. For example, an external upstand measuring 1000mm x 2000mm would require a roof lantern purchase measuring 1000mm x 2000mm. The product comes with a +20mm tolerance so this size would also fit if the external upstand size is 1020mm by 2020mm. The upstand should be minimum 85mm wide and 150mm high.

Brett Martin Roof Lantern rooflights are intended for installation onto a fully weathered and insulated builders upstand on flat. The surface of flat roofs normally require some degree of pitch to ensure adequate water runoff. For aesthetic reasons we recommend that the upstand is built with 0° pitch i.e. not parallel with the pitched roof surface. The rooflight can accommodate being installed on an upstand with a pitch of up to 5° but please note that this will likely result in a ‘lopsided’ appearance.



Sizes and Configurations

Brett Martin Roof Lanterns can be supplied in 4 pane or 6 pane configurations:

Glass Specification:

Available with blue solar-control self-clean or cleat self clean glass as standard. Other glazing options are available on request. Glazing performance will differ from the table below if different glass options are required.

Thermal Performance

Thermal transmittance of rooflights is assessed in the horizontal plane for compliance with Part L of building regulations. There is currently no method set out for assessing the thermal performance of lantern rooflights, so the method shown in NARM NTD2 has been adopted as the most appropriate. All variants of Brett Martin Roof Lantern have a better thermal transmittance than the limiting value in Part L of 2.2 W/m2K. The thermal transmittance values (assessed horizontally) are shown below. For Ud values calculated in the vertical plane please contact Brett Martin Daylight Systems.

Acoustic Performance

Brett Martin Roof Lantern units achieve a direct airborne sound insulation value of 35db (Rw).

Wind and Snow Loads

Brett Martin Roof Lantern has been tested to show that, when correctly fitted in accordance with our instructions, will resist wind loads calculated in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-4: 2005, and imposed loads in accordance with BS EN 1873: 2005.

Thermal Fractures

Brett Martin Roof Lantern rooflights are manufactured using double glazing which includes an inner pane of annealed, laminated safety glass, which is essential for ensuring the safety of those below the rooflight through the prevention falling glass from accidental breakage. In some circumstances, annealed, laminated safety glass can be subject to thermal stress fracture in the event of uneven heat build-up directly under the glass. Installation of blinds, or any other alterations made to the lightwell below the rooflight, must be done so with consideration to the risk of thermal stress fracture. In the case of blinds, the risk of thermal stress fracture can never be fully removed, but it can be reduced by choosing light coloured blinds and positioning them as far away from the glass as possible. More detailed guidance can be obtained upon request - please contact the technical department.

Product Dimensions & Weights

A 10-year manufacturer warranty is included as standard with the Brett Martin Roof Lantern.


Manufacturing and delivery lead time for the Brett Martin Roof Lantern is 3-5 working days for the glass and frame for the 4 pane option only with clear or blue glass. Lead time for all other specifications is 15- 17 working days.

Please ensure that on delivery there is a sufficient labour on site to unload the lantern glass roof lights from the lorry.

This Lantern can be delivered to England, Wales and most area in Scotland. Additional delivery fee's may be charged for certian regions.


TB431 Installation Brett Martin Roof Lantern