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Made in UK

Thermal Performance

Building Regulation Compliance

Easy Fit


Large Modular Linked Glass Flat Rooflight

Our modular linked glass rooflight offers a high-quality solution that is easy to install and creates seamless, continuous lighting over large spaces. With each module spanning up to 3.8m in length and being factory-assembled for convenience, you can save time on installation.

The modular design also ensures thermally broken aluminium frames are used for improved energy performance. For added protection and longevity, these frames are powder coated too. The modular units are then structurally glazed and double glazed for further durability and efficiency.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect lighting solution for commercial or domestic purposes, our modular linked glass rooflight provides unbeatable quality without any restrictions on length or size. With its modern design and professional finish, enjoy a product that will last for years to come.

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Fitting and Measurements

Before the manufacturing starts for this product, drawings are submitted for approval. The dimensions of your external upstand (timber) will determine the size we provide.

Full instructions for fitting can be found in the PDF at the foot of this page and below.

To ensure there is adequate drainage between each module and to stop water ponding and debris accumulation, installation requires a longitudinal pitch of 0-15° and a lateral pitch of 2-35°*. Where there are opening modules on the rooflights, the hinges should be situated on the rooflight span ridge.

*Note: some of the larger installations will need a pitch which is a minimum of 5°.


The data sheet can be found at the foot of this page in PDF form.

Anti-tamper, self-drilling fittings are provided with this product which is intended to be fixed to a builder’s upstand. These rooflights, along with all fixed Mardome Glass Link rooflights, hold the Secured by Design certification.

Key facts

  • Rapid installation of unrestricted length with factory-assembled components fitting together
  • Flush modules, including opening modules.
  • No visible operating parts of the powered opening roof lights to prevent impairment of the light shaft
  • Aluminium framework powder coated (thermally broken) and in dual colour as standard
  • Powder coating can be added in a choice of any RAL shade (single colour)
  • Large and continuous areas of daylight can be created with singular modules measuring up to 3.8m x 1.75m and spans up to a maximum of 3.8m
  • Can be used for installations with a span pitch of 2-35° and a length pitch of 15° (there may be some larger installations which need a minimum pitch of 5°)
  • Ud-values: 1.31 to 1.65W/m2K. (3.8m x 1.65m fixed module) (1m x 1m opening module)
  • ACR[M]001 for Class B non-fragile and for class two roofs: CWCT TN-92 tested.
  • Accreditation by Secured by Design achieved by Fixed Mardome Glass Link rooflights

Thermal Efficiency

The Ud-value achieved for the Mardome Glass Link modules is 1.31 to 1.65 W/m2K (as per NARM NTD2). This surpasses the requirements set out in Part L Building Regulations.

Fire Rating

Brett Mardome Glass is certified as BS476 Class 1, which meets the British fire safety for buildings regulation as set out in Building Regulations Approved Document B (2006 edition, incorporating 2010 and 2013 amendments).

Snow and Wind Load

Testing has demonstrated that when fitted as recommended, the Mardome Glass Link modules satisfy the wind resistance requirements as set out by BS EN 1991-1-4: 2005.

Guarantee and Lifespan

These rooflights are guaranteed for 10 years but will likely last for double that time when exposed to typical industrial conditions. This means they shouldn’t lose structural integrity, become perforated or lose their weatherproofing due to distortion. There is a five-year guarantee on the insulated glass incorporated into the rooflight construction.


The production time for this item is 4-6 weeks. Deliveries to Ireland will take longer; please contact us for more information.

Please make sure that suitable person/s and required equipment will be available and on site when the delivery arrives to offload the order from the vehicle. Please be aware that offloading or lifting the products is not the driver’s responsibility.

A signature will be required and you will usually need mechanical lifting equipment. Please get in touch to discuss further.


TB299 Handling Information Link Roof light
TB294 Installation Mardome Glass Link (Single Module)
TB293 Installation Mardome Glass Link
TB288 Datasheet Modular Rooflight